Our Chocolate Filled Journey

07 Դկտ

Մարկ Միկաիլ


Yesterday, I went to the bookshop with a couple of my friends to buy a new book. 

So this is my story…

In the morning like usually I woke up and went to school. I did three classes then me, my sister, her friends and Mrs. Sona went to the bus stop. We waited and we waited. Finally, bus number 99 came. We went to the back of the bus and sat down. It was a really long ride.

When we reached the place we wanted, we started to walk to the bookshop. One of Vicky’s friends pulled a trick on Mrs. Sona. “Oh no! I forgot my bag!” he said. “What bag?” asked Mrs. Sona. “My bag with a million dollars in it!” he said. Mrs. Sona laughed.

So we kept walking and walking. Finally we reached the bookshop. There was a clown outside the shop and he gave us these tiny blocks…

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